Friday, 16 March 2012

A bit of a doodley day...

I finally had chance to do a little bit of drawing yesterday. I've been working so hard on all the sewing side lately I haven't had time to do any design work and I miss it.
I gave myself 6 hours yesterday to thrash some ideas out and built this little assortment.

Now if only I could work so productively EVERY day!
These designs are available to purchase, email for info.
Copyright Abigail Brown 2012.


  1. lovely designs abigail!
    check out my blog tomorrow, i've given you a little award :-)

  2. just found your blog - what lovely work and what an awful lot you achieved in 6 hours. Well done. I used to illustrate and will be getting back to it yet moving on in style - its been so long! inspiring :)